Monday, September 17, 2007

Best and Worst wrestling videos

These are reviews I've either searched for on the net or Amazon's wrestling Listmania. They are somewhat tracked in terms of overall consistency (per event), and the results are fairly cut-and-dry, good or bad. Though obviously this is subjective, I'm doing this for everyone who wants a feel for what people are saying.

(As of 9-17-07)


Backlash 2000

Great American Bash 1986, 1987, 1989* ("The 1989 show is generally regarded as the best non-WWE PPV event ever") [4]

Judgement Day 2000

King of the Ring 1998 ("Hell In A Cell"), 2001

No Way Out 2000, 2001

Royal Rumble 2000, 2001

Spring Stampede 1999

Wrestlemania 3, 13, 17*, 18, 19, 20, 2000



December to Dismember 2006

Great American Bash 1991*, 1992, 2000, 2007 ("...and the 1991 show is considered one of the worst wrestling shows ever.") [4]

Heroes of Wrestling 1999
"The show was heavily criticized and ridiculed by the wrestling press, some going as far as calling it the worst wrestling PPV event ever produced. Heroes of Wrestling was declared a failure by the wrestling mainstream." [1]

"On the same note, anyone know where I can buy a PAL copy of Heroes of Wrestling? I can't find it anywhere. One of those "so bad it's bad it's good" type deals." [3]

King of the Ring 1995

NWO Souled Out 1997

WCW Uncensored 1995
"I'll go with WCW Uncensored.... 94? Maybe 95. Whenever they had that Flat Bed Truck match with Dustin Rhodes and ,uh, The Blacktop Bully? So horrible I've almost completely blocked it from my mind. Almost." 3]

WOW Unleashed 2001 [2]

Wrestlemania 10
"and i might get flamed from a few angles for this but with the exception on ONE really good match i thought WM10 sucked!" [3] (I most often hear that the only two good matches are Hart vs. Hart and The Ladder Match.)

Note: Score ratings in bold are Select Reviews, and "( )" the authors cited.